The Lord’s Continued Blessings in 2015

As the last few days of our calendar year end approaches; we continue to see God’s blessings in 2015 in so many ways. Scriptures In Use is so thankful for new national partners, new believers, Muslims becoming believers, new Master trainers, baptisms, and a number of other “surprise” miracles the Lord likes to delight us with, would you consider…

“Double the Impact” in Africa (Our 2015 Year End Campaign)

“After I made the decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ and I began to share the stories of the Bible with those living near me, some of the high-ranking Muslim community members were not happy and decided to burn down my home—not just one time but two times.”

The Power of the Right Story

Jesus was a master at choosing and telling his stories and parables with much wisdom and discernment. Each story, seemingly hand crafted for every individual, applies to a multitude of human issues over many generations and cultures past, present and future.
As the rains began to move into Southern Kenya early in October,

Greetings from Kent

Welcome to our new and improved Scriptures In Use (SIU) website!

We have consolidated our multiple websites into one new central location, It’s easier to navigate and get an overall understanding of what we do in carrying out God’s Great Commission to share the amazing, transforming message and power of God’s Word.