How Can We Get Resources to the Unreached, Those Who Need it Most?

Have you heard that less than one dollar of every $10,000 of charitable giving each year goes to the hardest to reach places around the world, places with people who have NEVER heard about Jesus and His gift of salvation? This sad financial fact means the vast majority of resources are NOT making a difference in the lives of the least reached people groups, those who need Jesus and the transforming message of the Gospel the most. How can this be changed? YOU can play a key role in changing this trend by supporting our proven partners in Asia and Africa with a year-end financial gift to SIU…

Will you help us to reach the hard places of the world?

Each year, our proven partners in Asia and Africa tell us about opportunities to reach into areas that many people or organizations don’t have access to. These are places where cultural and linguistic barriers have isolated people from the transforming message of Jesus Christ, places where the message of Jesus has never been heard in the local heart language and cultural styles. Because of our Partners’ locations and close proximity to these hard-to-reach places of the world, they have access while others do not. Will you join us in reaching the least reached?