Integrating the “Traditional Oral Arts”

This posting is the second in a series on the Distinctive Applications of SIU’s Oral Bible Strategies as written by our founders, Jim and Carla Bowman:

“The Storyteller finishes the enthralling narrative of Elisha the prophet and Naaman, a Syrian commander healed by God of leprosy. The dramatic ending is met with silent reverence when into the story circle steps a woman portraying the slave girl; she is barefoot, wearing a handspun brown tunic. Another actress, Naaman’s wife who meets her slave girl in the circle, wears dangling bracelets, long, silver earrings, and a silk veil. They talk briefly in the native language discussing the dilemma of Naaman’s illness. Other characters come on the scene: the king of Syria, Naaman, Elisha, and the story is now enacted in drama. The drama ends … with song and dance in celebration of God’s miracle.”