“What Kind of Soil Am I?” A Parable For You

Our Bridges for Women training events are transforming and it is so exciting to be a part of them! Last year, in 2022, we had over 108 Bridges for Women training events with 1,475 women in attendance. Overall, in the 15 years since this training curriculum was launched, we have had 2,237 Bridges for Women training events and over 50,982 women attendees! Amazing transformations and changed lives come from these three-day trainings that are highly interactive, with engagement in the Word of God in the content of every lesson plan and in every small group exercise. The women share and dialogue God’s stories using the Oral Arts (Storytelling, Drama, Dance, Music, Song & Poetry) in their mother-tongue, heart language. These women of God are some of the best storytellers and disciple-makers. Many of them become Master Trainers, equipped to pass the training on to other faithful women. The training and equipping curriculum includes over 120 Stories from the Word of God. A few of the Stories quickly become favorites. Let me share with you more about this training.