The Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher of all.

This dynamic leader from the Global South went on to tell me …

In our small-group gatherings, when we practice together memorizing, dialoging and sharing the stories of the Bible orally, the Holy Spirit often corrects the group together and leads us to clearer understanding of what He wants us to learn and how He wants us to apply these stories to our own lives and help change lives.

This courageous leader also went on to remind me that over 75% of the Bible is narrative, and its stories are just as relevant today to change lives as when they were divinely written and inspired over 1,600 years ago by over 40 different authors, all led in unity by the Holy Spirit. This leader also said that he shares stories with family and friends in his local community to match their needs. Then, again, he said he wants to memorize many more to be even more equipped to help change lives and come to know our Lord better.

I am encouraged, inspired, and reminded of how many Global South leaders continue to grow in their faith and then disciple others and plant churches as the center of Christianity swings to the Majority World. Their simple, childlike faith, trust in Jesus and emphasis on His use of stories for releasing the Holy Spirit’s teaching (what we call “the Jesus model” of the 1st century) is what we all need more of. Here at SIU we use many of these oral Bible stories in all our Bridges Training curricula. Oral Bible storying is a very effective and practical way to learn key biblical principles and help others grown in their faith.

The Importance of Orality.

One of our colleagues, Jerry Wiles, at the International Orality Network (ION) recently wrote an article on the effectiveness of oral communication methods and using stories from the Bible in sharing the gospel. If you have time to read this interesting article, you can find it on this link to Christianity Today:

What is your perspective on the statements from this Global South leader? How have stories from the Bible been useful in your life? Do you share these stories with others when you have an opportunity?

I’m interested in hearing from you and what these questions mean to you.

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  1. Dennis Davenport
    Dennis Davenport says:

    Orality techniques have been a part of our prison ministry to incarcerated youth for some time now. I picked this up from association with Scriptures in Use and had it reinforced by involvement with Global Disciples and what I had learned at an ION conference. The success of this “method” goes back to The Beginning. How could we question it? Thanks for your insights and for pointing me to the excellent article on orality by Jerry Wiles.
    Dennis Davenport

    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the confirmation and validation of what you are seeing in your first-hand endeavors. You are so much a part of this final “Orality Movement” in finishing the task of the Great Commission in Oral Cultures. I’m grateful for you, your wife, your entire family and your many ministry endeavors! God bless, Kent

  2. Dani
    Dani says:

    Great read. And you arr accurate. Stories transform lives. Stories combined with the Holy Spirit does a miracle. Thank you for championing this Kent


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