At SIU we are seeing more and more courageous indigenous men and women of peace, who are “storying,” (“Story” in Oral Cultures) or sharing Bible stories orally. Sometimes by turning the story into music as seen in the video above. Through this highly effective method, they are reaching their unreached, unengaged communities using their own mother-tongue, heart language. Here is a recent testimony from one of our Bridges training event participants:

“After I became a Christian, I tried to communicate the gospel to oral people but was not fruitful.  After the Bridges training event, it opened my eyes and I received this tool from God.  After I returned from training and started storytelling, no one opposed me and everyone is now listening to me.  After the next Bridges training, one church planter established six churches, and he planted those churches in a remote area where there was no church at all.  Praise be to the Lord!”

It warms our hearts as we hear these types of testimonies over and over again at SIU, where courage and having childlike faith are so active in storytelling fellowships around the world. But it takes courage to step out and try something new (as evidenced by this indigenous leader’s testimony). If you felt the Lord speaking to you while you watched the video and have a heart for people who are far from God for reasons beyond their control; such as the knowledge of who he is isn’t part of their culture or an idea openly shared or spoken about in the world they live in, please consider the next paragraph.

Will you join us in this movement? With approximately 90% of the world’s remaining unreached, unengaged people groups living in oral cultures, SIU and others working in the Orality Movement hope to see the task of the Great Commission finished within our lifetime! Please consider a year-end project gift to our ongoing Bridges partner training events. To give online, just visit our financial support page at

You too can help us to finish the task of the Great Commission in Oral Cultures.