But let me speak to Elijah, the great prophet of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, whose name means “My God Is the Lord.”

Elijah’s life was full of ups and downs. At times, he was bold and decisive, at other times fearful and tentative. He alternately demonstrated victory then defeat, followed by recovery. Elijah knew both the power of God and the depths of depression. Despite many victories and provisions from the Lord, Elijah entered a period of wavering faith and depression (1 Kings 19:1-18)…

Hearing that Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, has made a vow to kill him, Elijah feels sorry for himself, hides in a cave and even comes to believe that he is the only follower of God. He feels isolated, alone. His eyes move off God and onto the details. Elijah forgets all the times the Lord has shown up with victory and provision. (That is so like me! I so often forget those many times that the Lord has shown up to rescue me in my time of need.)

The Lord then instructs Elijah to stand on the mountain as He passes by. There is a great wind, an earthquake and then fire. But God is not in any of those. Then comes a still, small voice in which Elijah hears God and understands Him. When Elijah stops focusing on the fear of what men can do and his feelings of being alone, he hears God’s voice. Elijah goes on to be taken up to heaven in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:1-11).

It’s only when Elijah humbles himself, slows down and chooses to listen to God’s still, small voice that we see a turnaround.

If we, too, are willing to listen for His still, small voice and walk in obedience to His Word, we can find rescue, victory, and reward. I find that in those times I am most broken, have gone my own path and turned astray from God, if I seek Him, He is there.

Our indigenous training partners love the story of Elijah! They memorize and dialogue the story in our Bridges training events all over the world. They remind us that each Bible story and its characters, just like Elijah, has a lesson for us to learn for improving our walk as believers. And the Lord is faithful to show up—over and over again!

So are you running from God? Do you feel isolated and alone? What are you doing to seek our God of all peace and comfort?

I’m interested in hearing from you and what these questions mean to you.

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  1. Paul White
    Paul White says:

    Wow!!! What a powerful devotion! Thank you for the encouragement – just what I needed to hear to hear today!

  2. Pam vannelli
    Pam vannelli says:

    Oh so true my Dear friend. A difficult lesson to learn and to be consistent with but what a blessing we receive when we choose to seek and listen to our Lord’s small voice.

    With Love

    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Amen, Pam! So good to hear from you and to openly share our challenges with my sisters and brothers in Christ. Very grateful and thankful for you and Dan being so much a part of my life and the Body of Christ. God bless, Kent

  3. Scott Sherer
    Scott Sherer says:

    Great post, Kent. I need to remind myself to take those “Elijah moments,” slow down and listen for His voice.

    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Thank you, Scott. I do too :-). It’s amazing how, if we are willing to slow down and spend time with our Lord and get away from all the “clutter and distraction” around us, we can find Him. He’s always there waiting for us. Bless you and your beautiful family my dear brother in Christ, Kent


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