A Foundation Challenge

I’m always amazed at our Lord’s faithfulness in building relationships with new leaders and bringing new funding concepts, such as a New Donor Giving Match. We recently experienced a change with one of our major donors, a charitable foundation. SIU was assigned new champions to represent SIU within their organization. These champions guided the 2024 grant cycle and represented SIU as their board considered our request for funding to provide training among our partner networks in multiple Southeast Asia countries.

Another year of “Reaching the Unreached”

We are thanking and praising God for another incredible year of ministry in 2023! We want to thank each of you, our family of faithful supporters, for praying and financially partnering with us as we see the Great Commission being fulfilled among oral culture communities around the world. Our trusted partners across Asia and Africa reported more than 5,600 new churches planted in 2023. This brings our 26 year cumulative total of reported churches planted among oral cultures through oral Scripture engagement to over 110,000! Thank you, Lord! All for your Glory and the advancement of your Gospel until all have been reached. Read on for a story and other highlights from 2023.

Seeking Unity in Times of Hostility and Division

Do you sense it? Do you feel it? I have been talking to a lot of people recently and it feels like there is more hostility, conflict, and division than ever before. There has always been conflict, with disagreements and differences of opinion. However, there is so much anger and strong opinions right now, with lots of yelling and not a lot of listening. One of my close friends said recently, “When my family gets together, we don’t speak about faith, politics, or money. Those topics bring much intensity, and it usually doesn’t go well.” As a follower of Christ, I try to seek the Lord often on how to be a good listener and be gracious in my response – “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger”. This is hard to do right now with so much hate and division. What does our Lord Jesus say about this?

The Coming of the Kingdom

One of our favorite Story Collections used in our “Bridges” orality equipping training events that our partners and team members often talk about is the “The Kingdom of God” series. We are bringing it up here in this month’s blog as Jesus talked so much about the Kingdom of God during His ministry while walking this earth 2,000 years ago. It is also especially relevant during the significant unrest and conflicts around the world that we are now seeing. Jesus spoke 126 times about the Kingdom of God in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and another 34 times in the rest of the New Testament. It is clear from what Jesus said about the Kingdom of God that we are now seeing the signs He predicted unfolding right before our eyes

You mean there’s a chance?

Many people come to us each year requesting to participate and experience one of our orality equipping and training events, known as “Bridges”. Unfortunately for those who ask, most of these training events are held overseas in difficult to reach, remote regions with one of our proven Asia or Africa partners. However, …drum roll please… we are holding a stateside training event in Joplin, MO in February! Here’s your chance to explore an interactive, knowledge-building, experience with the active living Word of God through oral Scripture engagement. Learn to tell stories the way Jesus, the Master Storyteller, did…

How Can We Get Resources to the Unreached, Those Who Need it Most?

Have you heard that less than one dollar of every $10,000 of charitable giving each year goes to the hardest to reach places around the world, places with people who have NEVER heard about Jesus and His gift of salvation? This sad financial fact means the vast majority of resources are NOT making a difference in the lives of the least reached people groups, those who need Jesus and the transforming message of the Gospel the most. How can this be changed? YOU can play a key role in changing this trend by supporting our proven partners in Asia and Africa with a year-end financial gift to SIU…

Will you help us to reach the hard places of the world?

Each year, our proven partners in Asia and Africa tell us about opportunities to reach into areas that many people or organizations don’t have access to. These are places where cultural and linguistic barriers have isolated people from the transforming message of Jesus Christ, places where the message of Jesus has never been heard in the local heart language and cultural styles. Because of our Partners’ locations and close proximity to these hard-to-reach places of the world, they have access while others do not. Will you join us in reaching the least reached?

Accelerating the task of the Great Commission, Will You Join us?

Each year, our SIU partners present to us some truly incredible opportunities in reaching people in areas that have never been reached before. This represents a timely year-end giving opportunity for those with significant Kingdom growth and effective ministry stewardship mindsets.

Connecting, Collaborating and Sharing with Kingdom Minded Ministries

The Lord loves to grab our attention and has an interesting way of bringing things to us when we least expect them. We seek the Lord and ask for His clear wisdom, discernment and direction and He gives us opportunities that sometimes seem out of the blue. Recently one of those out of the blue opportunities came my way. A key leader from one of our supporting churches introduced me to Art Brooks from the “Rescuers” Radio Show. Art has a passion for sharing what he calls “the untold stories of society’s unsung heroes.” Art’s radio show tells those untold stories and shares what God is doing through some amazing people.

What will be better? …the “The Kingdom of God”!

Are you disappointed, discouraged or disheartened by the events and circumstances around the world today: Wars, rumors of wars, illicit deals, insatiable greed, threats of nuclear war, devastating poverty, and overwhelming homelessness? This earthly realm and it’s roughly 200 nations leave us wanting more for humanity. Don’t be fooled, “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) is not going to resolve these issues. Only the King and his Kingdom of righteousness, justice, and holiness, filled with love, mercy, grace and truth will solve our problems. His Kingdom will last forever. Jesus spoke often of the Kingdom of God. Our partners speak with much passion and hope about the “Kingdom of God” and those in their networks tell the stories of the Kingdom in their communities.