The Stories are Powerful

We ask our partners in the field to share stories and comments from those who attend an SIU training and from those using the SIU oral strategies. One summed it up well, “The stories are powerful, the stories change lives, the stories are for ALL people.” Here is a story sent to us by a partner and another statement from an SIU Bridges training participant.

Scripture Stories to Songs (Field Impact Story)

Jaali cannot read and does not go to school because he must take care of his father’s camels. However, he listens to the Bible stories that his uncle, an underground disciple, tells him and is very interested in them. Jaali attended an SIU training with his uncle in a remote village in Kenya. He enjoyed learning how to use Bible Scripture stories to create songs. After the training, Jaali went back to taking care of his father’s camels.

Jaali became a composer of Scripture songs in his heart language. He memorized many Bible stories from his uncle. Jaali composed songs from the stories of David, Moses, Samson, and Elijah. He sings these songs as he and the other young men go out to care for the livestock. David is one of his favorite stories. Jaali was gripped by how David defended the Isrealites by killing Goliath with a sling and a stone. The young men now refer to Jaali as a strong leader who can bring down giants and conquer territories. They even nicknamed him, Daud, which means David. These young men are learning many stories because of Jaali’s ability to capture Scripture stories in songs.

Jaali’s uncle has decided to invest in these young men and travels along with them, using his own camel. He shares Bible stories with them in hope that as they hear the stories and learn the songs Jaali creates, they will draw closer to the cross and one day surrender and walk in obedience with Christ.

Storytellers Who Tell Stories of the Bible (Bridges Training Participant)

“We have storytellers who tell of our traditions. Now, we also have storytellers who tell stories of the Bible.”

More Highlights from 2022

Stories are the Language of the Heart

Here are the totals from the reports we have received from our partners:

Bridges Training Networks Across the Globe in 2022….

  • 17,513 Bridges Training Event Participants
  • 56 Heart Languages represented in these Trainings
  • 21 Countries with Bridges Trainings
  • 46,259 New Believers
  • 8,981 New Baptisms
  • 6,250 New Grass Roots Church Planters
  • 8,077 New Churches Planted

The Stories are for ALL People

We are blessed to be associated with such faithful partners and their networks, through whom God is doing amazing work advancing His kingdom through oral Scripture engagement. “The stories are for ALL people!” If you would like to read the full 2022 Annual Report with more stories, testimonies, and statistics, please ask by contacting us at:

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