The Word Became Alive

The Word Became Alive

“The Tuareg are a nomadic and oral people. They have a unique alphabet called the Cifinagh. Since August 2011 they have had a Scripture translation in their language, however, they didn’t take interest in God’s Word until our team started telling Bible stories across the camps in the desert. Once they heard the stories, God’s Word became alive to them. They continue to share the stories orally and now have an excitement about the Living Word. Large numbers of Tuareg are coming to the Lord and Scripture stories are being retold across the Sahara!” – African Partner

Some More Highlights from the year of 2020

Though our numbers were lower in 2020, the effects of Covid-19 has only bolstered our determination to share with and train more people. Even though Covid affected our numbers last year, still, many families came to faith and many new churches were established. One partner ministry in Northern India had 863 new families and 400 young adults come to Christ in 2020 despite lockdown and restrictions. This same ministry also planted 148 new house churches that continue to faithfully meet.

Across the Globe of Bridges Training Networks….

  • 7,184 Bridges Training Event Participants
  • 32 Different Heart Languages represented in these Trainings
  • 24 Different Countries w/ Bridges Trainings & Relief Grants
  • 7,172 New Believers
  • 5,072 New Baptisms
  • 1,779 New Grass Roots Church Planters
  • 5,703 New Churches Planted

All Glory to God!

It is amazing what our God of the impossible can do! And these numbers are conservative as some self-sustaining SIU proven partners no longer report their current activity. If you would like to hear stories and highlights from the Harvest Fields around the globe, please just let us know by contacting us at:

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