Stories from Our Partners of Our Good God

Despite the challenges related to the COVID-19 global pandemic, our Partners

displayed tremendous creativity and resilience as they served their communities.

They engaged their families and neighbors through Bible storytelling during closures and lockdowns. By the end of the year, most of our active SIU partners were again holding in-person “Bridges” training events. Here are two stories from our 2020 Annual Report that exemplify the creativity and resilience seen in our partners across the SIU Bridges network:

Movement in the Midst of Lockdown

“A partner in South India reported that when families were not able to attend church in person, because health restrictions had closed church buildings, the moms and dads stepped up to lead their families. Many families had a few Bible stories memorized, but with the lockdowns they had time to memorize more Bible stories and began sharing them intentionally with their extended family and neighbors. This ministry baptized more than 1,500 new believers and planted 67 new house churches in 2020. A large part of this tremendous growth is because these believers memorized and retold the stories of the Bible!”

Storytelling Express

“With total lockdown enforced by the government, the Maasai community has been grounded. They cannot even make the cattle grazing migration they are known for. One of our lead storytellers initiated a storytelling relay model, which is like the old way of letter delivery. A story is told in one village and a storyteller takes the story to the next storyteller at the first village border post and the story is carried on to several villages.  As a result of this amazing, creative method, 16 storytelling groups have been started in 16 manyattas, villages that hold about 20-30 households, and 267 persons are involved in studying the Bible.” —African Partner

God’s Love, Mercy and Faithfulness

These are just two of our featured stories from across all the harvest fields in 2020. It was evident during the most difficult and challenging times of 2020 that our God is always present and is always working for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  We have received so many stories of God’s love, mercy and faithfulness demonstrated through our partners and our missionary families.  We thank God for a tremendous year of ministry in 2020. We thank you for partnering with us.  Nothing can stop the advance of the Gospel!

If you would like to hear more of these stories, just let us know by contacting us at:

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    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Mike! It is only through His Holy Spirit living within them and God’s strength and encouragement that our Partners and Missionaries are able to carry out the good works that the Lord has prepared them to do in advance. Blessings to you, Kent


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