Unreached People Groups: Join Us!

Two of these seven opportunities with our active partners in the field are the Duruma, in Kenya, and the Tharu, in Nepal & India.

Duruma (in Kenya)

The Duruma people live on the semi-arid plains, one mountain range inland from the seacoast of eastern Kenya. The Duruma people remain unreached even though much progress has taken place in the last 10 years, thanks to bold disciple making efforts that are bearing fruit. The tribe is predominantly Muslim and practices local traditional religions. Bible storytelling is transforming lives as they discover and apply the Word of God in an oral way.

Tharu (in Nepal and India)

The Tharu have lived quiet, simple lives for four centuries. They are a gentle people. They make most everything they use themselves, with a touch of art in all their work. They have their own gods and follow a shaman, who treats their diseases. The shaman, the village headman, and the moneylender are three important people within the village. More than 40% of the Tharu people live below the poverty line.
The door is wide open for the Gospel to penetrate using Bible storytelling and the Oral Arts. The Tharu are highly oral and will be very receptive to hearing and engaging the Word of God in their mother tongue. After covid, their hearts are open, and they are ready to learn and trust God after the fear of the pandemic situation. Please pray for a disciple making movement to happen inside of the Tharu people group as the small number of believers become equipped with tools to reach their own people.

Miraculous Results

Using the SIU Bridges approach, our proven partners and their networks of believers use word for word Bible storytelling as they get to know a new community, seeking a person of peace who can open doors, providing access to share more stories of Scripture with the community. This pattern has been repeated in many new areas around the world and our partners have seen miracles happen as the Holy Spirit opens people’s hearts to receive the Good News. This can lead to an organic movement of people within the people group passing the stories and the Good News on to others, exponentially growing to become an “engaged and reached people group.” The miraculous result in the local community: many new storytelling fellowships, new Oral Bible churches/house churches, new believers, new disciples, and more people trained, equipped and inspired to see the advance of the Gospel and growth of God’s Kingdom in areas never reached before.

Training Event Cost

Our Bridges training events held in pioneering areas at a local or regional level are often between $2,000 and $2,500 USD per training, depending on the number of people attending, the specific country and city of the training, and the number of trainers who are traveling. Typical class sizes range from 20 to 40 people, depending on the specific training and the partner ministries being trained. On average, we typically see at least 3-6 of the Bridges training participants become passionate about using the Bridges Oral Arts approach and they soon become Master Trainers and Orality Champions in their own communities and regions beyond.

Will You Join Us in This Effort?

Any donation amount to help fund these Bridges training events would be greatly appreciated.

There are 7,415 unreached people groups representing approximately 43% of the earths people still to reach (according to the joshuaproject.net), with approx. 90% of these remaining people groups living in oral cultures. SIU and others working in the “Orality Movement” are strategically positioned to see the task of the Great Commission finished within our lifetime!

Comments Welcome

If you feel led to leave a response and comment here, please do so by replying and posting in this blog. We welcome your comments and interactions within a community of those seeking to further advance the Kingdom of God.

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  1. Gary Lovelace
    Gary Lovelace says:

    Another clear, compelling, focused description of the SIU Mission and its scope. May God move on hearts and minds ot others to catch the vision.

    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Amen! and thanks so much for the encouragement, Gary. Our partners are on the move with new opportunities! We are praying we can get the funding we need to reach all seven of these people groups.



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