Unreached and Unengaged

We are seeing an increasing number of our proven SIU partners reaching out to the unreached and unengaged peoples in their own regions and in neighboring regions. These courageous men and women of peace, many of whom face ongoing persecution, share Bible stories through the Oral Arts (storytelling, song, drama, dance and poetry) using the mother-tongue, heart language of their audience. Many are meeting in undisclosed, hidden locations to protect those who are seeking and following the Lord.

Here is a short testimony from one of our Bridges training event participants:

“After I became a follower of Jesus, I tried to communicate the gospel to oral people, but was not fruitful. After the Bridges training event, it opened my eyes and I received this tool from God. When I returned from training and started storytelling, no one opposed me and everyone is now listening to me. After the next Bridges training, one church planter established six churches, and he planted those churches in a remote area where there had been no church at all. Praise be to the Lord!”

Courage to Engage

We hear these types of testimonies and stories repeatedly at SIU. Courage to engage and discover God’s Scripture through word for word Bible Storytelling is resulting in new Christ followers, disciples and Storytelling churches around the world. Among our persecuted, partners in proximity with unreached and unengaged oral culture communities, God is using this method to greatly advance His Kingdom. Recently the Joshua Project (www.joshuaproject.net) reported on the largest thirty-one frontier people groups that have yet to be reached. Our SIU partners are connected to at least half of the groups. God has opened the door for new providential connections through these relationships.

Will you join us in this “movement”? Approximately 90% of the remaining unreached, unengaged people groups live in oral cultures. SIU and others working in the “Orality Movement” hope to see the task of the Great Commission finished within our lifetime!

Please consider a year-end gift to our ongoing partner Bridges training events where leaders are equipped to reach and engage the lost in these under resourced areas.

Please visit Give to our ongoing Partner Training to make a donation to join us in this effort.

If you feel led to leave a response or comment here, please do so by replying and posting in this blog. We welcome your comments and interactions within a community of those seeking to further advance the Kingdom of God.

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