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Scriptures in Use equips and empowers local, indigenous leaders to reach their communities with the Gospel in their native languages.

SIU reaches unreached, unengaged, oral-culture people groups through the use of Bible storytelling and the oral arts, resulting in disciple making and church planting movements.

Through God’s work in and through local church planters, there have been over 90,000 churches planted in 70+ countries.

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The Dialogue Style of Jesus

The Dialogue Style of Jesus, a blog post written by SIU founders, Jim and Carla Bowman.

TELL: Bridges to Oral Cultures

March 22-26, 2022

Presented by SIU partner organization, TRAIN International

TELL: Bridges to Oral Cultures is a 5-day orality training that will help you define and discover oral cultures, develop oral communication tools, and implement these tools throughout the discipleship process. Our experienced team will lead you through exercises, teachings and practical applications of the content so that by the end of the training you will be prepared to confidently and skillfully engage oral Muslim communities.

Where:  Joplin, MO
When:  March 22-26, 2022



This course was developed by Scriptures In Use after twenty years of working with oral cultures on four continents. Hundreds of thousands of people in over 70 countries have participated in our workshops where they have learned to tell Bible stories. 

The ten lessons of this self-paced, online course contain key concepts and new skills in communicating Bible truths through story have enabled indigenous disciplemakers to become more effective in their ministries.

Our desire is that through these lessons you will learn about the importance of oral communication of the Scriptures and become involved with communicating this with others.



Tell Nationwide 3-day event:

February 22-24, 2024 (Joplin, MO)

What can you expect at Tell: Bridges to Oral Cultures?

You will:

  • Better understand the hearts and minds of oral learners

  • Learn the value of the mother tongue and contextual language

  • Explore how Jesus taught through stories

  • Acquire reproducible storytelling techniques

  • Memorize stories from the Bible (even if this isn’t a strong suit!)

  • Learn to draw your listeners into the story

  • Envision a relational process of church planting, from beginning relationships to shaping leaders

  • Discern how to create contextualized story sets for each step in the process

  • Create cultural Scripture songs and contextual drama

  • Hopefully enjoy doing it!