Welcome to our new and improved Scriptures In Use (SIU) website! 

We have consolidated our multiple websites into one new central location, www.scripturesinuse.org. It’s easier to navigate and get an overall understanding of what we do in carrying out God’s Great Commission to share the amazing, transforming message and power of God’s Word.

Through Bridges training, indigenous leaders learn to use narrative storytelling of the Bible (including dance, drama and songs) in cultures that either don’t have the written word of God available in their native tongue or prefer to communicate orally. New believers then start their own storytelling groups and become church planters and disciple-makers for other oral learners around them. The replication and multiplying continues through their surrounding communities where we see oral bible churches sprouting up in previously unreached areas. It’s the same the way the 1st century church launched the spread of the gospel over 20 centuries ago.

From research groups like the Joshua Project (joshuaproject.net) and the Pew Research Center (pewresearch.org), the number of unreached and unengaged people groups that live primarily in oral cultures is estimated to be between 2.9 to 4.8 Billion people (as of August 2015). These “Two Thirds” of the earth’s people still have little or no access to God’s Word, are either non or semi-literate or live in the hardest to reach places of the world where language and cultural barriers prevent them from gaining access.

We definitely have some work ahead of us and ministries like SIU need your prayers and financial support!

Will you pray and consider helping us in this final movement of the “rise of the indigenous leaders”? …those dedicated men and women of peace, sacrificing all to reaching the unreached and to save the lost in their communities. For those of us looking for every “Tribe, Tongue and Nation” to hear the gospel message in order for Jesus to return, I can’t imagine a better investment and we promise to make every effort to keep you informed of how your prayers and financial support are making a difference!

Warmly in Christ,

kent Kent Kiefer
Executive Director / CEO

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