Some of my Unsung Heroes

In my own life, I’ve known a few heroes who sacrificed much for the cause of sharing Jesus Christ with those who don’t know Him. My grandfather was a visionary who had the idea of putting a Gideon’s Bible in every hotel room across the U.S. He pursued that calling relentlessly, devoting much of his time, energy and financial resources to seeing that happen before he passed into glory at the age of 82.

Throughout SIU’s global ministry today, there are many unsung heroes. They are from humble circumstances, but their hearts burn with a passion to make Christ known among their own people. They are making a difference in countless lives!

Rohit and his wife, Shazia, are two such unsung heroes in India, and it is my privilege to share with you their inspiring story:

India is a dangerous place for Christians. Radical Hindu groups throughout the country are notorious for using any means to eradicate other religions—and these groups are steadily growing in number and influence. Tragically, Rohit and his wife, Shazia, (names changed for security reasons) have experienced firsthand their brutal persecution of Christ-followers like themselves.

In 2008, the couple and their Christian parents lost everything, when their homes were burned down by Hindu radicals. Most horrifying, Shazia’s brother was burned alive for his faith, and her cousin was hacked to death as each time he refused to deny Christ, another body part was cut off.

It’s hard for me to imagine the kind of pain Rohit and Shazia have suffered, and the threat they continue to live under each and every day. It’s even harder for me to imagine the depth of Shazia’s faith as she smiles and says, “Our God never left us. We have everything in Him and we are very blessed.”

Even in India’s dangerous environment, caring friends like you have made it possible for Rohit, Shazia and other courageous Christians to expand the gospel.

They have been trained in the Bridges method of communicating God’s Word in ways that speak most powerfully to the hearts of their Hindu neighbors—through stories, dance, drama and song.

And now, this faithful couple is training other Christians in these effective, orality-based techniques of evangelism and discipleship. Rohit and Shazia are committed to doing all they can to accomplish the Great Commission in India, where only 2.1% of the country’s 1.3 billion people follow Christ.

But the task is daunting:

There are more than 1,576 languages recognized in India, almost one-quarter of the total 7,102 recognized different languages across the earth.  And the vast majority of these Indian languages are spoken by oral communicators and learners. Most of these languages are not written down, and a translation of even one section or chapter of the Bible does not exist. If a Bible translation does exist, the assumption that the local, grass roots leader can read it is a poor one.

How do we share Christ with people in India for whom these languages are the language of their homes and everyday life?

The SIU Bridges orality training approach is perfectly aligned to meet this need.

As 2016 comes to a close, I urge you to prayerfully consider coming alongside Rohit, Shazia and other Christian leaders in India and South Asia with a special year-end gift to SIU.

You can give a special one-time gift of any amount or become an ongoing monthly supporter of SIU’s Bridges training events for $60 a month. It costs only an average of $1,500 to $2,000 USD to train a group of 25 to 30 grassroots leaders in storytelling the Bible through the SIU Bridges program.

Your gift of whatever amount God lays on your heart will equip those on the front lines of ministry—who risk their lives daily—to make a powerful difference for His Kingdom in 2017.

You can be an unsung hero to believers like Rohit and Shazia through your support of SIU’s Bridges training programs, which equip them to share the gospel in a way that their neighbors can understand and respond to.

To give in whatever way works best for you (one-time or ongoing),

just click the Give botton at the top of the page
or send a check to this address: Scriptures in Use, 101 S. La Canada Dr., Ste. 49D, Green Valley, AZ 85614

May God bless you and your family during the remainder of 2016 and throughout the 2017 year ahead!

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About Kent Kiefer

Kent Kiefer is the CEO & Executive Director of Scriptures in Use (SIU). He has over 20 years of International Ministry experience; in his eighth year with SIU, and previously four years with a faith-based International Missions’ Sending Agency (“ABWE”) and eight years with a faith-based International Parachurch ministry (“Focus on the Family”).

Kent has a heart and passion for “reaching the unreached” and believes strongly that the oral arts, communication bridges training approach designed specifically for the indigenous men and women of peace around the world is one of the most effective means to reach the nations with the Gospel.

Kent is widowed after his wife Melissa (“Missy”) was promoted into Glory in November ‘21 after a 14-year battle with Parkinsons Disease, and has four children (two college age and two teenagers). The Kiefers are involved with two local churches with the body of Christ in Southeast Tucson (“Grace Church of Sahuarita” and “Pantano Christian”).