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Our next stateside story telling training is scheduled and we’d love for you to join us AND help us spread the word. It’s a truly incredible training and I love that we are now offering it here in the USA. Every time we lead the Bridges training, we see deep paradigm shifts and people walk away with a renewed love for scripture stories and a confidence to implement this strategy immediately with simple yet powerful tools!

WHAT: TELL – Bridges to Oral Cultures
WHEN: February 22-25, 2023
WHERE: Joplin, Missouri
PRICE: $295 / person

Who is this Training for?

Do you know of anyone who would benefit from this training? Please share this info with them. Here’s who we’re looking for:
• Refugee & immigrant leaders from oral cultures
• Missions sending organizations
• Refugee ministries
• Missionaries & cross culture workers
• Church ministry leaders
• Anyone who wants to learn how to share their faith naturally and disciple others like Jesus!

What will You get from the Training?

• Better understand the hearts and minds of oral learners
• Learn the value of the mother tongue and contextual language
• Explore how Jesus taught through stories
• Acquire reproducible storytelling & memorizing techniques
• Memorize stories from the Bible (even if this isn’t a strong suit!)
• Learn to draw your listeners into the story
• Envision a relational process of church planting, from beginning relationships to shaping leaders
• Create cultural Scripture songs and contextual drama

An Opportunity to Experience Storytelling Training

Please pray about this opportunity to learn the SIU Scripture Storytelling approach. It is a great way to engage God’s Word, learn how to interact with others through God’s stories, and to have fun while adding to your ministry “toolkit”.

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