Such is the tribulation that many of our Scriptures In Use partners in five Central and Southwest Asian Islamic republics regularly face. Tragedy is not unknown to these courageous followers of Jesus, but as they faithfully serve God, there is also moments of tragedy into triumph! We, at Scriptures In Use, are blessed and encouraged as we hear of many unbelieving individuals and families coming to know Jesus through the witness of these largely underground believers whom we have trained.

Many of our partners have experienced extreme persecution

some even suffering unto death.

How You Can Help

Your special year-end gift to SIU will encourage and support our faithful partners expanding God’s Kingdom in some of the world’s most hostile regions!

Your generosity will be used to provide:

  1. Immediate relief to the widows, orphans and dependents of recently martyred and severely injured Church Planters.
  2. Help to relocate within the region several leaders and their families living under daily threat of death from extremists operating in this region.

Would you consider giving a special year-end gift to Scriptures in Use to bless and support with us these courageous believers?