Growing Church in Rwanda (Field Impact Story)

“Over the last few years, in Rwanda, there was a trend among the churches to upgrade buildings with projects such as adding windows and installing plumbing.  Many people attended churches, bringing in a steady income.  And yet, many churches took out loans to complete their building projects.  When COVID hit and restrictions were enforced, many churches lost members and people walked away from their faith because they couldn’t “go” to church.  The churches’ income dropped so much that they couldn’t pay the loans.  Therefore, the banks took possession of many buildings. 

However, the Church didn’t stop growing. Followers of Jesus gathered in houses and planted other house churches.  They used the simple method of telling Scripture stories, creating songs and sharing poetry from the Scripture to make disciples and plant new churches.  With these tools, the Kingdom of God is spreading throughout Rwanda.  Disciples are discipling others and small house churches are planting small house churches. God used this time of restrictions to free the churches from what they thought they needed.”

Realizing My Call (Bridges Training Participant)

“I thought sharing the gospel or being a minister was only for theologically trained pastors. After attending the storytelling training, I understood that everyone gets the opportunity to participate. I am thrilled to be His tool to bring people to God. Thank God for helping me to realize my call to His ministry.” – Bridges for Woman participant, South Asia

More Highlights from 2021

Though our numbers trended smaller than normal in 2021 due to the ongoing effects of COVID, it bolstered our determination to share and train with more people:

Bridges Training Networks Across the Globe….

  • 28,348 Bridges Training Event Participants
  • 35 Heart Languages represented in these Trainings
  • 21 Countries with Bridges Trainings & Relief Grants
  • 16,698 New Believers
  • 16,169 New Baptisms
  • 2,084 New Grass Roots Church Planters
  • 6,047 New Churches Planted

God Continues to Work

It is truly amazing to see how God continues to work through our partners to reach so many!  And these numbers are conservative as some of our self-sustaining SIU proven partners no longer send reports.  If you would like to hear more of these Stories and Numbers from the Harvest Fields across the globe, please ask by contacting us at:

If you feel led to leave a response and comment here, please do so by replying and posting in this blog. We welcome your comments and interactions within a community of those seeking to further advance the Kingdom of God.

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