Impact and Lives Transformed

Lives are truly being transformed by the Gospel through our SIU Field Partners (courageous “Men and Women of Peace”). As they practice Storying and the Oral Arts, they are creating, multiplying and replicating indigenous church-planting and disciple-making movements around the world. What’s amazing is that we believe the numbers reported are conservative. Many of our Bridges Training Partners don’t report on the results of their efforts. Some have become self-sustaining and no longer need funding from SIU for their training events. Others are in remote, restricted locations where reporting is both difficult and sometimes dangerous. With that said, here are some numbers reported by our Field Partners about transformed lives and impact during 2018:

  • 5,843 new Oral Bible Churches planted (i.e., house churches or small group fellowships) for a total of 77,678 Oral Bible Churches planted since 1997
  • 27,097 Bridges training participants in 2018 (participating in either “Bridges for Neighbors,” “Bridges for Women” or “Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures” training events) for a total of 271,920 Bridges participants since 1997
  • 958 Bridges training events (including “Bridges for Neighbors,” “Bridges for Women” and “Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures” training events) for a total of 14,572 Bridges training events since 1997
  • 21,840 new Believers in 2018 for a total of 426,822 new Believers since 1997!

Testimonies From the Field

These figures are inspiring and impactful BUT the personal testimonies say even more. One of our new Field Partners in one of SIU’s new, pioneering Southeast Asia countries recently said:

“I have been doing ministry for more than 30 years. This is the first time that we have had this type of Bridges training. We wish we had this training years ago. Now we are going to focus on planting churches using oral communication methods like Bible storytelling, drama, music and poetry in the local language and style.”

From Central Africa, we also recently received this amazing testimony from a lead trainer of “Bridges for Women”:

“We are amazed at what God is doing in Central Africa. I had over 30 women in my Bridges for Women training class. Five of them used to be prostitutes and are now powerful storytellers leading others! I am humbled and blessed to report that we also now have three new women Master Practitioners (trainers) in surrounding, pioneering countries new to SIU. These women are powerful women who have an amazing vision for the lost. Please pray for them as there are great difficulties that they face.”


God has Given the Increase

Whoa! Truly changed lives by the transforming power of the Gospel through Story and Discovery with the Oral Arts. I am thanking and praising God for how HE has touched and led our SIU Field Partners to step out in faith to reach and engage their own families and communities. HE has given this increase, and we are seeing HIS Kingdom advancing in new oral-culture people groups!

To God be the glory as these faithful men and women continue to grasp the opportunities presented by our Lord to reach unreached and unengaged people groups in their own extended families, local communities and in close-proximity communities and countries.

Join us in the Orality Movement with your ongoing prayers and financial support! If you have a moment, we would really like to hear from you.