How can faith in Jesus overcome the obstacles of a fatherless childhood, lack of hope for the future and personal tragedy? In this story of Jim Bowman’s journey, God takes an ordinary man from a life of despair to one of extraordinary purpose and fulfillment as an early pioneer in the modern mission’s orality movement. 

This story documents his absentee dad living a double life as a con artist and thief of the legendary Krupp-Elizabeth Taylor diamond. Then from Jim’s unlikely, dramatic conversion out of Hindu-Krishna beliefs to Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade, the story moves quickly to his discipleship during the memorable days of the Jesus People Movement. 

God miraculously delivers him and calls him into an active role in missions in the 1980s as he pioneers among unreached, indigenous people groups encouraging innovative strategies in local minority languages: biblical storytelling with dialogue, drama versions of the parables, poetry of the Bible, and cultural adaptations of scripture in song.

"Jim's writing reflects the authentic person of faith I have come to know. This book gives insight into an amazing grace that positioned Jim to become one of the key catalysts for world evangelization in our generation."
Rick Sessoms PhD
President of Freedom to Lead
"This compelling memoir provides a personal view into high-level crime, the sovereign hand of God in a man's search for meaning and ultimately the founding and development of the enormously fruitful ministry of Scriptures in Use. A powerful and deeply encouraging book."
Warren Walsh
Editorial Director of YWAN Publishing


Jim worked in television, film and newspapers. In the early 80’s he and his wife Carla began to work among indigenous people with a unique assignment of Scripture engagement for minority languages. He pioneered the development and field-testing of oral communication methodology, launching an international training curriculum in the late 90’s. He is retired in Arizona with his wife Carla and has two daughters and four grandchildren.