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Storytelling and Biblical Accuracy

This month we continue a series of periodical posts focusing on the distinctives of SIU’s church planting and disciple-making approach written by our founders, Jim and Carla Bowman.

Anju has just finished telling the Woman of Tekoa story (2 Samuel 14) in front of the whole class. The participants clap enthusiastically calming Anju’s fears and greatly encouraging her. The Trainer speaks up. “Anju thank you so much. That was fantastic.” Turning to another participant he says, “Asha, I know you were Anju’s mentor for this story. Did she tell the story exactly as it appears in your Bible?” After a hushed silence, Asha smiles and says proudly, “I read the text silently while Anju spoke. Every word was perfect.”

Comprehensive Oral Bible Strategies: Essential to Effective Kingdom Building

This month’s post is part of a series about the distinctives of SIU’s church planting and disciple-making approach as developed by our founders, Jim and Carla Bowman. It is a fact that many of the unengaged and least-reached people groups in the world live in hard-to-access places and belong to traditional, oral cultures. Books and printed materials are not part of their everyday experience. People living in oral cultures, many of whom speak three to four different languages in addition to their mother tongue, have always…

Integrating the “Traditional Oral Arts”

This posting is the second in a series on the Distinctive Applications of SIU’s Oral Bible Strategies as written by our founders, Jim and Carla Bowman:

“The Storyteller finishes the enthralling narrative of Elisha the prophet and Naaman, a Syrian commander healed by God of leprosy. The dramatic ending is met with silent reverence when into the story circle steps a woman portraying the slave girl; she is barefoot, wearing a handspun brown tunic. Another actress, Naaman’s wife who meets her slave girl in the circle, wears dangling bracelets, long, silver earrings, and a silk veil. They talk briefly in the native language discussing the dilemma of Naaman’s illness. Other characters come on the scene: the king of Syria, Naaman, Elisha, and the story is now enacted in drama. The drama ends … with song and dance in celebration of God’s miracle.”

The Dialogue Style of Jesus

The Dialogue Style of Jesus

We are truly blessed that the founders of SIU, Jim and Carla Bowman, are still actively involved in our ministry by praying for us and providing much-needed guidance and insight. The Lord has led them into a new season of bustling, but enjoyable retirement, still bringing glory to His name. This month’s blog entry is part one of a new series on the distinctives of SIU’s Oral Bible Strategy, developed as the Lord guided our founders to create the foundation of what SIU has now become. The Bowmans share…