God is moving across the nations through the local church

Join hands with other churches around the world to spread the love of Jesus Christ among every tribe, every tongue, and every nation.

Making disciples of Oral Learners in Africa

The Need

Remaining Unreached People Groups
Billion Unreached Individuals
Unreached Oral Learners Worldwide
1 %

Equip Your Church
to share the Gospel Worldwide

The Church is called to go into all the nations, but is your church reaching the unreachable?

Just .01% of cross-cultural giving goes to the 3 billion people who haven’t heard the gospel, have no Christian neighbors, and have no access to a local church. On top of that, 80% of these people groups are oral learners. 

Scriptures in Use works with local churches to equip leaders with gospel tools and support their missions. By partnering with Scriptures in Use, your church can play a key role in reaching the 80% and fulfilling the Great Commission.


Our Impact

Oral Bible Church plants
New Believers in Unreached groups
Bridges Participants

Stories From the Field

"I have witnessed incredible stories coming back from the field of how God, through the simplicity and power of His Story, is transforming lives and communities among oral peoples previously unreached and unaffected by traditional missions strategies. I believe that the methodology Scriptures In Use has discovered and is continuing to develop in reaching and discipling oral learners for Christ is the essential present and the hopeful future of missions in our world."​
Chuck Foreman, Missions and Teaching Pastor, AZ
Chuck Foreman
Missions & Teaching Pastor | First Christian Church, AZ
“Thank you for Bridges training. This is very different from other trainings. We are starting with the stories of the Fall of Man and continuing through the Prophet stories. We are also training the existing church and team how to use the storytelling method. The task is too big for me to do all by myself. We also want to play traditional music with traditional instruments. Most of the people in my area are farmers and will respond very well to this!”
Local Community Field Leader
Southeast Asia

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Become a vital part of disciple-making movements with unreached people groups. You can either support one of our missionary trainers or send a direct partner training gift online today!


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Help us mobilize future missionaries from your congregation and local community! Our Associate Trainers establish partnerships and  training opportunities in unreached groups.

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We would love to connect with you about partnering with your church. To learn more about opportunities with Scriptures in Use, fill out the form below and Kent Kiefer will contact you. 

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Is Your Church Ready to Go Global?

Starting an international missions outreach can be an overwhelming task, yet the burden is great. We want to empower and equip you with the resources you need to begin your global ministry.

To order a free copy of our powerful documentary, The Man of Peace, simply fill out your information and we will send it to you in the mail. Be inspired by what God is doing among the nations!