Reaching the
Through Storytelling

80% of the Earth’s People are “Oral-Preference Learners.”
Traditional literate evangelism techniques do not reach these people groups.

“Oral-Preference Learners” prefer to share and pass information, knowledge, and
history through oral communication. Many of them cannot read or write, while
others simply prefer non-print forms of communication.

There are an estimated 5.7 billion people who are oral learners. This includes
3 billion adults, 900 million very young children, and 450 million children between
the ages of eight and fifteen; all of these have basic or below basic literacy skills

50 %

of Asia

10 %

of Africa

0 %

of South America

Scriptures in Use equips and empowers local, indigenous leaders to reach their
communities with the Gospel in their native language.

We believe that SIU can reach the unreached, unengaged, oral-
culture people groups through the influence and application of
Oral Bible strategies, which will result in more grass root church
planters and disciples.

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About Kent Kiefer

Kent Kiefer is the CEO & Executive Director of Scriptures in Use (SIU). He has over 20 years of International Ministry experience; in his eighth year with SIU, and previously four years with a faith-based International Missions’ Sending Agency (“ABWE”) and eight years with a faith-based International Parachurch ministry (“Focus on the Family”).

Kent has a heart and passion for “reaching the unreached” and believes strongly that the oral arts, communication bridges training approach designed specifically for the indigenous men and women of peace around the world is one of the most effective means to reach the nations with the Gospel.

Kent is widowed after his wife Melissa (“Missy”) was promoted into Glory in November ‘21 after a 14-year battle with Parkinsons Disease, and has four children (two college age and two teenagers). The Kiefers are involved with two local churches with the body of Christ in Southeast Tucson (“Grace Church of Sahuarita” and “Pantano Christian”).